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The Art of Paint Protection

Welcome to Invisibra

Like a fine, hand crafted suit that is tailor made to the precise measurements of the individual so it is with Invisibra's craftmanship and quality-fit paint protection film.  Each panel is hand traced to create a templet in the shop and that pattern is then taken to the film and cut out for each and every vehicle we perform on.  
Founded in 2003, Invisibra has had quite a few years to perfect their craft and is the only Paint Protection Film (PPF) Installer in Texas who applies film in such a manner.  
Could you imagine a "one size fits all" three piece suit?  Pre-Cut Kits are like this, yes they are "lazer" cut but that lazer is only following a programed path and while it will fit the vehicle it will not fit right being too snug in some areas and too loose in others thus causing many areas to have to be stretched and altered as it is being applied and not before-hand. This will leave stretch marks, unneccessary lines and unsightly blemishes marking your vehicle which ironcially is the very thing you're trying to avoid by having the PPF applied to begin with.
Josh Ottmann is the owner and operator at Invisibra and Ottmann Detailing.  He started out as an enthusiast just cleaning cars to save up money for an engagement ring and new life with his new bride....  In 2006 after about a year, this life-long hobby turned into a  professional mobile detailing business and his passion for cars and personality as a perfectionist  grew into a full time career.  As he made invaluable connection throughout the years he discovered Invisibra and felt they were the absolute best at custom installing PPF.  After about 7-8 years of detailing for Invisibra and sharing clients, the opportunity was presented to Josh to take over Invisibra completely and merge the two businesses. Now both Invisibra and Ottmann Detailing will have a full line of services to offer their clients who need paint protection, full detailing, paint correction, window tinting, PDR work and who demand the best.  This business will be a one stop shop for high end vehicles and all auto enthusiasts who love their cars and want top-tier car care services performed.
The purpose of Invisibra and Ottmann Detailing is to honor my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in all my business affairs with the utmost honesty and integrity when interacting with clients... to use the highest quality products and techniques in order to achieve the absolute best possible results... to under promise and over deliver and go the extra mile to ensure and maintain a reputation above reproach and of excellence with each client and every vehicle I care for.

Joshua D.P. Ottmann